Zoe Kazan, New York.

(This portrait was originally posted as AF 019.)

This morning before descending down into the subway I picked up a copy of AMNY to read, and while flipping through the Nightlife section came upon an unmistakable set of crystal blue eyes belonging to this woman. I had no idea who Zoe was or that she might be famous, but in the newspaper photo she was pictured with her boyfriend, Paul. I definitely knew who he was.

What’s ironic is when I took this photo, he was actually there with us—the pair had been walking down West 66th Street when approached them. When asked if I could photograph Zoe, Paul consented and quickly turned away, as if his girlfriend needed privacy. I proceeded then to situate Zoe some fifteen paces away under a tree (if you look closely, you can see the branch leaves just at the very top of the frame) as this provided the cleanest backdrop based on where we were. At the time I posted AF 019, I had thought about posting the story about our interaction, not because of who they were (I didn’t realise who they were), but because we had such a peculiar exchange once I handed her my card after we had finished. She looked at it, then at me and remarked on the byline suspiciously. I explained what the byline meant. Somewhat satisfied, she skipped away. At the time I wondered if she was mocking me but now it occurs to me that she probably thought I was paparazzi. In any event, when I saw the paper this morning my reaction was Oh, right! and it all made better sense. Just another little moment that makes doing the blog a whole lot of fun.

zoe kazan